Website Monitoring Software


Website monitoring software maintains status and performance of the websites by detecting uptime, down time and ping status of websites that are running on server protocols including POP3, HTTP, SMTP, FTP and HTTPS. Website monitoring tool quickly sends an immediate alert notification to user if the website is down, loads improperly or runs excessively slow due to usual instances including Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity Network Status, Connection get Failed, Host not Found, Server Not Found etc.

Web monitoring tool provides quick alert notification by making sound/beep, sending E-Mail to the user specified ID or runs a program (chooses by user) automatically.

Screenshots of Website Monitoring Software

Website Monitoring Software
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Software Features :

  • Monitoring tool enables to monitor the uptime, down time and ping status of the several websites in real time.
  • Software easily supports website running on different protocols including POP3, HTTP, SMTP, FTP and HTTPS.
  • Website checker utility sends alert notification if Low Connectivity Network Status, Low Bandwidth, Connection get Failed, Server Not Found, Low Host does not Found etc and other similar problems take place.
  • Multithreaded website monitoring tool is capable to maintain performance of several websites at a time.
  • Software helps you to keep constant view on performance and status of your website.
  • Easy to use Software helps to measure your website’s performance in real time.